Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park in India

For years I have been dreaming of a Tiger Safari and Glamping (Glamour Camping) at one of the beautiful resorts next to the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. I decided on the Khem Villas which featured beautiful tents and an authentic experience. It was lovely and I want one of theses tents! I actually  discovered where to buy them in India, so who knows, maybe one day I will be selling fabulous tents…P.S. Never saw a Tiger – everyone else at the camp did. Oh well, they were hiding.

Glamorous Tents abounded


Check ou the wonderful tent with bath and terrace…

tent 2

tent outside

and now the Safari

tiger safari

This was the only Tiger I saw….and he was in the library

tiger 3

But we did manage to make two papers in India….what does it say? (We look rather like celebrities,) but it is a long story involving a little excitement and adventure with a happy ending!

News 1

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