Crazy Jaipur Shopping and Tuk Tuks

IMG_6785 Driving through old Jaipur in a Tuk Tuk (see photo) is crazy – the road is not only dangerous, but loud and smelly! The Indian technique is to take any available space or lane…dodging bicycles, tuk tuks, camels, monkeys, goats, elephants, cows, cars and buses. The horn honking is constant as each driver let’s you know he is coming, so get out of his way! You have never heard such noise.

It was a bit crazy at first but we managed to locate the special vendors we were looking for.

We found wonderful vintage handcrafted tribal bags in several shapes and styles. I won’t bore you with words… take a look! We bought four of this and a few of that,  they are very special pieces and limited.

Beaded Wallets   Vintage laptop   Vintage Gold Leather Strap close

Blk Leather Fringe Bag   Vintage leather strap bead   Tribal bag 2

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